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Interior Design is not only for the rich. There's that misconception when we mention Interior Design to the community and our clients.

Casa & Co Interior Design focuses on making Design affordable and available for everyone through our fees and also in the selections made for your particular project. We cater to all budgets right through to the higher end market.

Whether you are considering a full build, renovation, creating a new room or need to redecorate a space, our Interior Design service is a must investment to contemplate. It will assist you in ensuring you are making the correct decisions in regard to your design concept, style, layout, selections of materials/fittings/fixtures, trades, avoiding costly mistakes. Our expertise and advise will provide you with all the knowledge needed to take on your desired project.


This service provides a hassle and stress free solution for your project as we take over the project management aspect as well by hiring the trades needed, look after the construction phase, making all your purchases and organise deliveries on your behalf. Lastly, we make certain the project has been completed successfully and we can style your spaces too.

View the list of our Interior Design service inclusions.

Design inclusions in the full
Interior Design service.

Phase 1: Initiating Project $500.00

  • Client Analysis – Onsite visit to discuss requirements needed for project

  • Return Brief – Information on project discussion returned to client for confirmation.

  • Scope of works / Proposal – Description of work to be completed during the process to fulfill the project.

  • Quote for Design Services -  List and cost of design fees per phases.

  • Letter of agreement – Contract to be signed by client and returned to design firm office.

  • Concept Board: Could include a concept board with images to suggest a mood or direction in which the concept of the design could take.


Phase 2: Concept Design - 

  • Conceptual Analysis – Includes site analysis, research on property, architectural features, location, social and cultural influences, materials, colour palette and furniture of style requested.

  • Moodboard – Visual board for each room detailing the concept for the design. Includes samples.

  • Client Meeting –  Presentation of moodboard, one Hour meeting.

  • Amendments – One round of changes permitted.


Phase 3: Design Development - 

  • Draft of Drawing Package (as required): Drafts only. Not for construction.

  • Permit applications: To be dicussed with builder.

  • Draft Schedules: Listing of fixtures, fittings, materials etc.

  • Stakeholders Selection: Contracting builder and/or trades.

  • Client Meeting: Discuss draft designs and determine budget for furniture and soft furnishings.

  • Amendments: One round of changes permitted.


Phase 4: Design Documentation 

  • Finalised Drawing Package: Finalised drawing packages includes dimensions. Not for construction.

  • Finalised Schedules: Finalise product, fixtures and fittings selections.

  • Purchase & Delivery of FFE:  Purchasing of all items required for renovation fixtures, fittings, furniture, window treatments etc.



Phase 5: Construction Administration 

  • Client meeting: Discuss requirements.

  • Project Management: Weekly site visits to project manage the process of the build/design.

  • Installation: Executing procurement and build of project.

  • Client Meeting: Final on site walk through if not requiring Phase 6; Styling.


Phase 6: Art and Styling 

  • Art: Selecting and Installing artwork to style the property.

  • Styling: Selecting and installing décor and accessories to style the property.

  • Client Meeting: Final walk through and hand over.



Full interior design service inclusions are as described above.



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