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Make your curb appeal a stand-out.

Updated: Feb 28

Any real estate agent, interior designer, architect and even a landscaper can tell you that one of the most fundamental components for a property whether you are selling it or living in it, is to stand out from the rest in your street and to create an eye catching curb appeal for your home and for your potential buyers.

At first glance, the front garden and facade will entice people to want to see what is in the inside the home. This allows them to imagine what the style of the property may be.

Sprucing up the outside of your house need not be an expensive or time consuming task. Spend a few weekends with a little elbow grease and a bit of sweat making small but impactful changes and transforming your home, have it in tip top shape and if your selling, adding equity and attracting more buyers.

There are simple but effective ways to

improve your curb appeal, update it and present your home to create a good first impression.

Below I have listed 15 ways to create instant curb appeal with tips and tricks, know how's, ideas and so much more.

1. PRESSURE WASHING Such a powerful way to CLEAN! Wash your driveway, walls, bricks and specially roof tiles as these usually develop moss through the years. It can instantly bring up the original colour of tiles.

2. GREENERY TRIMMING Trim back all over grown plants specially hedges. Tidy sculptural plants and remove any dead foliage. If needed, plant more species to spruce up the garden, mulch it and while your at it feed it with a good fertilizer.


Mow the lawn and feed/fertilize it a few weeks prior to open days and auction (if you are selling) to have a green lushes lawn.

4. PAINT It is the quickest and most affordable way to transform a space. Change the colour of your facade, refresh the front door with a new colour, paint your window frames and gutters.

5. CLADDING AND SIDING Try adding an updated look to your facade by installing new cladding to a pillar, post or a wall. This can help bring the property to the current "era". Have old or water damaged siding replaced and painted freshly. Old loose bricks should be reattached.

6. UPDATING FIXTURES/HARDWARE Adding new door handles and locks, updating the exterior lighting and if needed windows can make a huge impact specially if going from wood windows to aluminum ones.

7. POT PLANTS Having beautiful pot plants in your porch, adds a warm welcome to your guests. Add a nice front door mat and they will be greeted with the sense of a warm hug.

8. EXTERIOR LIGHTING For me this is a fundamental part for creating a striking first impression. Use lighting as an application to highlight architectural features of the facade, sculptural plants or trees, light a pathway or fence line, create a mood or a feature.

9. FENCING If you have the money to splurge on new fencing (if needed) then go for it. But if your on a budget, replace palings that are not holding up and paint the fence for a fresh new look.

10. MAIL BOX If your mail box has seen better days, maybe it's time to update it. Buy one or if you have the time think about a DIY project. So much inspiration is found online these days.


A crucial and much needed item of your facade,

the house number sign. Buy it or DIY it, make it a

stand out and if possible, light it up either with a

porch light, exterior downlight, spot light etc.

Guests, delivery men and posties will thank you

for it.


Repair concrete driveways by patching cracks and repainting. Decking for pathways or porches should be

restained and old water damaged boards replaced.

Think about the possibility of tiling your porch and/or



Clean your gutters free of leaves. You don't want rain overflowing

on your gutters. Clean faschias and water pipes of dust and spiderwebs.

14. CLEAN THE WINDOWS There's nothing worse than having dirty windows to look through. Have them shinning clean for a great presentation.

15. EXTERIOR ARTWORK Whether it's a sculpture in the garden, a water fountain, a unique fence or an exterior wall hanging, add a little bit of fun to your facade.

And there you have it, sounds like so much to do but not everyone will have all of these things on their "to do list". Investing time and a little bit of money can have huge rewards both monetary for those selling and memories for those that are staying put.

The most important aspect is to be creative and enjoy the change in creating your own beautiful spaces. Don't be afraid, be bold with paint, plants, flowers, design, materials and anything else you can think of.

If you seem overwhelmed with making all of this happen, or your not sure about materials and colour palettes for the interiors and exteriors of your property, we can assist you in not only making it happen, but also help you create a cohesive design for your property and make the correct decisions for your lifestyle or potential buyers.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you and receive a FREE 30 minute zoom consultation.

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