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Builder Projects

Our interior design services extend also to Home Builder Companies small or large. Whether you are needing assistance with specification of materials, fitting and fixtures, sourcing furniture, artwork, decor, lighting plans, display home staging and more,

contact us for more information on our Builder Interior Design Services.


In this particular project for U homes, we assisted in the selections of materials, fixtures & fittings, lighting, colour palette and furniture layout. We also selected furniture and decor pieces for this entire display house.

Our goal was to create cohesive and inviting spaces that would appeal to potential home buyers. We focused on creating a modern and stylish aesthetic.

We incorporated neutral tones with warm wood finishes on a moody base of black to create a versatile and timeless look. The furniture and decor pieces were carefully sourced and selected to complement the overall design and enhance the functionality of each room.

Overall, we are thrilled with the final result and believe that the design of this display home will help U homes attract potential buyers and showcase their capabilities as a home builder company.

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