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Carlton North Project

This Victorian home, The Lexton, in a sought after area, was brought back to it's former glory.

The owner was an artist who's passion was creating artwork of different genres, including photography, painting and seemed to enjoy his hobby of reading. The library in this home is a testament of this.


With his artistic talent in mind, we collaborated with his friend, owner of an art gallery to create a beautiful display of his art pieces in the entrance and hallway of the property. It absolutely completed this space magnificently. We believe we have honored his legacy.

For before & after photos please view our social media channels.

Rathdowne st Entry.jpg
Rathdowne st Living.jpg
Rathdowne st Bed 1.jpg
Rathdowne st Mezzanine.jpg
Rathdowne st Bathroom.jpg
Rathdowne st Dining.jpg
Rathdowne st Library.jpg
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